What is the electrical harness wire processing flow?

author: ZOU

The word "electrical harness wire" may not be understood by many people. Generally speaking, electrical harness wire refers to some electrical wires that are often used in our lives. For example, data cable  is a kind of electrical harness wire. There are many types of harness, but in the end, the electrical harness wire processing process is roughly the same. DAMAVO ® As a professional electrical harness wire processing manufacturer, today I will tell you how the electrical harness wire processing process is and what steps are there.
      electrical harness wire                                                   electrical harness wire
1. Thread cutting
The automatic wire cutting equipment shall be used to cut the wires according to the size required by the process, and the cut wires shall be neatly arranged (50 wires/bundle) and placed at the designated position, with identification affixed.
2. Exfoliation
Install the corresponding blade according to the wire specifications, adjust the stroke of peeling, thread clamping and thread trimming according to the process indicators, adjust the size adjustment plate according to the peeling length, place the wire in the middle of the blade, hold the wire head against the size adjustment plate, and step on the foot to peel.
3. Brushing thread
Turn on the power supply, and the electric copper brush turns clockwise. Separate the exposed inclined cladding at both ends from the core wire according to the SOP diagram, and twist the separated inclined cladding (ground wire) tightly and straightly.
4. Twisted wire
The twisting clamp is complete and the rotating force is even. Clamp all the brushed copper wires into the twisting clamp for twisting (the copper wires shall be clamped at the middle and lower part).
5. Dip tin
Adjust the tin furnace (300 ± 20 ℃) according to the temperature given in the SOP, arrange the wires, separate and align the core wire conductors, stick the core wire conductors with flux, and send the core wire vertically to the tin furnace (the size shall comply with the SOP requirements) when touching the tin, and take out the wire material immediately when the core wire is in place.
6. Terminal crimping
Crimp the cut wires to the terminals with a small crimping machine. Sometimes one terminal can be used to crimp multiple wires.
7. Subpackage
The crimped wires shall be subpackaged according to the subpackaging process requirements, that is, the terminals shall be inserted into the sheath.
8. Assembly
Assemble the sub assembled small assembly on the drawing board according to the circuit direction (tape or tension strap is bundled into a bundle, that is, the harness).
9. Electrical detection
Use the standard wire tester to test the withstand voltage, impedance, short circuit and other properties of the wire.
10. Appearance inspection
Visually check whether some appearance parts meet the standard and whether there are no accessories.
11. Packaging
Arrange the wires neatly, pack them, and seal the opening of the box with a box sealing machine and attach a label.
electrical harness wire
Small wire rods need to go through many steps. The above 11 steps are the processing process of electrical harness wire in our daily life. Of course, some relatively thick wire rods contain many small wires, and there are relatively more steps, because some wire shells are not only one layer, but also multiple layers, such as interference shielding layer, braiding layer, etc. In short, the basic production processes of common wire rods in our life are not much different, and they are basically these processes. For more information about wire rods, please pay attention to DAMAVO ® Official website, to guide you to understand the professional knowledge of wire rod.
electrical harness wire
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