Huizhou Yeming Electronic Co.,Ltd516001About UsNo.2 Building,Daxin Industrial Area, Chenjiang,Huizhou,Guangdong,China.Damavo was established in 2002. Our entrepreneurial mission: "Full of power, always light!". We are specialized in manufacturing LED lights and power supply parts, such as ceiling lights, awning lights, strip lights, USB car chargers, power cables, power sockets, etc., which are widely used for RV, Trailer, Camper, Vans, Truck, Excavator, Heavy Vehicles, Train, High-speed train, Tractor, Agricultural Vehicles, Forklift, Golf Cart, Motorbike, Electro mobile, Marine, Hotel, Home furnishing material, Railway station, Airport, Aviation, Defense, Communal facilities, etc. After years of development, it has built a saf

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To make it convenient for car owners to use the car power supply to charge digital products anytime and anywhere, many manufacturers currently have several high-end car power supplies that usually contain multiple interfaces and require functions that can easily operate switches. DAMAVO focuses on insisting on producing high-quality switches that combine high-quality ABS materials, versatility, durability, and multi-device compatibility. It can be widely used in RVs, campers, yachts, speedboats, ships, cruise ships, oil tankers, hotels, airports, aviation, national defense, public facilities, etc.

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