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Type C tech Applications

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Why use Type-C's car charger

With the advancement of science and technology and the rise of calls to protect the environment, the Type-C interface will unify the country and replace the current variety of digital device connectors. We no longer need to prepare a bunch of data cables for all kinds of digital devices. 

Today's mobile phone manufacturers are developing faster and faster, and now focus on better performance and function and have a great pursuit of the product's appearance! The Type-C interface is narrower and shorter than the old-fashioned interface, so the use of the Type-C interface has become the trend of the times!

Our USB c multi-charger, 18-watt fast charger, and 18w fast charger type c with below advantages: 

Benefits of using a type-C interface car charger

  • Convenient

Unifying the Type-C interface means that more and more devices and data cables will adopt the exact specification. At the same time as the world's first line, just in time to install a car charge with Type-C, there is no need to find a turning joint that can be used directly. Type-C supports a blind plug, whether used at night or during dynamic processes and can be plugged into the data cable for charging without confirming the direction.

  •  Fast charging speed

Type-C minimum 3A charging, with PD3.0 protocol car charging, whether a business trip or short outdoor leisure, in your most needed time, can make digital equipment instantly full of energy and travel good essential products.

  •  Type-C interface is the symbol of high-end products

In the early days, the Type-C interface was the symbol of high-end mobile phones, and now more and more digital devices choose to use the TYPE-C interface. Compared with the previous Mirco USB interface, the powerful Type-C interface can better meet everyone's needs, with the advantages of ample charging power, fast transmission power, positive and negative can be used, so the Type-C interface is widely praised by everyone.

usb c multi charger, 18 watt fast charger, 18w fast charger type c high quality supplier - DAMAVO
  •  Support customization

Because it is more convenient and faster, there will be more additional equipment using Type-C connectors in the future, such as car vacuum cleaners, air pumps, water guns, work lights, outdoor leisure equipment, etc.

Click the pictures below for more information about our products; start now!

YM1010 Cigarette lighter cord YM1055 battery power cable battery clips cables factory - DAMAVO male to female cigarette lights power cables extension cord DAMAVO
 YM1084 female power socket YM1083 voltage factory YM1218 dual usb charger car DAMAVO YM1248 USB car charger factory
YM1220 cigarette lighter car charger DAMAVO High quality YM1082 car cigarrtte lighter YMP005 USB panel YM1239 caravan usb socket DAMAVO
 YML068 Aluminum awning light YML072 ceiling lights from DAMAVO YML051 DAMAVO awning light YML021 DAMAVO ultra-thin waterproof ceiling lights

DAMAVO ® has been a professional LED lighting & Power Supply manufacturer, such as 12v led strip lights, RV light fixtures, led camper lights, USB car chargers, power sockets, power cables, etc., including R&D and OEM services for over 20 years. Our products comply with IATF16949/ISO/CE/UN38.3/ROHS standards.

High-quality usb c multi charger, 18 watt fast charger, 18w fast charger type c manufacturer - DAMAVO

The company takes the development and production of advanced series LED lighting & Power Supply products as its mission. DAMAVO LED lighting and Power supply such as has a range of applications, including RV, Trailer, Camper, Vans, Truck, Excavator, Heavy Vehicles, Train, Tractor, Agricultural Vehicles, Forklift, Golf Cart, Motorbike, Electro mobile, Cranes, Wheelchair, Marine, Hotel, Airport, Aviation, Defense, Communal Facilities, and more. The company provides a full range of services and high-quality products, continuing to pave the way for a greener and more efficient future for energy storage.

usb c multi charger, 18 watt fast charger, 18w fast charger type c factory - DAMAVO

Looking forward to cooperating with you! Contact sales to start your inquiry! (0086) 752-5779666 or send an E-mail to us

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