Huizhou Yeming Electronic Co.,Ltd516006About UsBuilding 2, 8th Floor, Yongguangdong Road, Huihuan Street, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, ChinaDamavo was established in 2002. Our entrepreneurial mission: "Full of power, always light!". We are specialized in manufacturing LED lights and power supply parts, such as ceiling lights, awning lights, strip lights, USB car chargers, power cables, power sockets, etc., which are widely used for RV, Trailer, Camper, Vans, Truck, Excavator, Heavy Vehicles, Train, High-speed train, Tractor, Agricultural Vehicles, Forklift, Golf Cart, Motorbike, Electro mobile, Marine, Hotel, Home furnishing material, Railway station, Airport, Aviation, Defense, Communal facilities,

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Power supply Videos

YM1248 USB Power Outlet Video Introduction                    YM1124 12V Dual USB Socket Video Introduction

YM1108 Single USB Charger Video Instroduction                  YM1194 Dual USB Charger Video Instroduction

YM1196 Dual Car Charger Video Instroduction                  YM1295 30W USB Type C Charger Video Instroduction

YM1104  Car Charger Video Instroduction                            YM1218 Type C USB Charger Video Instroduction

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