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DAMAVO® Advantages

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Our Advantage

DAMAVO ®  is a professional factory specialize in manufacturing LED lights and power supply parts, such as ceiling lights, awning lights, strip lights, USB car chargers, power cables, power sockets, cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter etc., which are widely used for RV, Trailer, Camper, Vans, Truck, Excavator, Heavy Vehicles, Train, Tractor, Agricultural Vehicles, Forklift, Golf Cart, Motorbike, Electro mobile, Cranes, Wheelchair, Marine, Hotel, Airport, Aviation, Defense, Communal facilities, etc.

We have a strong R&D team in appearance design, structural design, electronic circuit design, etc., to create high-quality products for customers and maximize customer experience.

Our advantage lies in:


  • Damavo pays attention to customers' demand for products, listens to customers,  organizes a team to conduct research and evaluate customers' needs, and gives a feasibility evaluation plan.

  • For the plan approved by the guests, professional ID designers will make 2-3 appearances for selection according to the plan. The selected shape is made into a 3D model. Structural engineers perform component disassembly and feasibility assessment based on the 3D model. Then carry out the internal details design. After the design is completed, a CNC structural prototype is made for inspection and verification. Professional electronic engineers began to carry out program selection and PCB layout. The produced PCBA side needs to be verified by a series of tests. From a professional point of view, we turn our customers' ideas into reality.

Our R&D design details include:

  • Appropriate thickness and assembly strength.

  • The rationality of wiring reduces electromagnetic interference.

  • All parts adopt the most economical way. for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter

  • Pay attention to all dimensional details to ensure the same size after processing.

  • Each of our links has relevant reviews to ensure the smooth progress of the project. 


  • And use automatic soldering and automated patch processing technology to ensure the stability of the product.


  • We use environmentally friendly halogen-free and lead-free materials to make our products meet environmental protection requirements. The resistance-capacitance materials used internationally. for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter


  • We are committed to providing quality service to our customers and delivering on time and quality.for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter

  • In the production process, according to the sample comparison confirmed by the customer to ensure the correct production of the product.

  • Before shipment, we will take pictures and inform the guests.

  • After shipment, continue to follow up and improve based on customer feedback.

Our advantages are:

  • Have a strong R&D team and R&D capabilities. for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter

  • Provide customers with quality service, on-time delivery and high-quality products.

  • Use high-quality materials to ensure product quality. for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter

  • Professional OEM/ODM R&D and manufacturing. for cigarette lighter adapter, dc voltmeter, ammeter and voltmeter

DAMAVO ® has more than 20 years of production experience, cooperates with well-known brands and car manufacturers in the industry, and has many years of professional product OEM experience, providing DAMAVO with excellent products with stable quality and long cycle life.

Trust DAMAVO ®, choose DAMAVO ®, you provide ideas, let us design for you!

Looking forward to cooperating with you! To see FAQ know more. or  Contact sales to start your inquiry! (0086) 752-5779666  or send E-mail to us!
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