Does the charger not unplug in time cause potential safety hazards?

author: ZOU

Does the charger not unplug in time cause potential safety hazards? What is the most anxious thing for servants? The mobile phone is absolutely one of them. Mobile phones have become an indispensable product in our life. However, smart phones consume a lot of power and have a high demand for charging. Some mobile phones even need to be charged several times a day. Charging requires the use of a charger. At present, people's habit is to just unplug the phone after charging. They don't care whether the charger is not unplugged or not, DAMAVO ® today Let's talk about what potential safety hazards will be caused if the charger is not unplugged in time.
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   If the charger is continuously connected to the patch panel, even if our mobile phone is not charged, the circuit board in the charger is always powered on. In other words, the charger is still working. We all know that any item will wear, especially electrical appliances. With more use, the internal components will age, and the charger is no exception. The charger will remain "working" for a long time, and the internal aging is faster, If the charger is of poor quality, it is easy to have short circuit. Short circuit of electrical appliances, explosion, fire, electric shock, etc. are common.
  In particular, the current chargers are basically some fast charging heads, and the interaction of current is stronger. With the increasing demand for electronic products, the number of charger manufacturers also increases. However, if there are good charging equipment, there are also bad ones. The quality of products can be described as uneven. When choosing charger equipment, we should try to choose products with excellent quality.
  Of course, even if the charger of the best quality is not unplugged after charging, it will still be in a state of power consumption. If we have a large number of electrical equipment in our home, the additional power consumption is not low. And it will greatly increase the probability of potential safety hazards.
  Moreover, not only is the charger good, there will be no potential safety hazard. Because the charger wants to charge, it also involves a product, that is, the patch panel. If the quality of the patch panel is poor, the charger will be in operation for a long time, which will also lead to the aging or short circuit of the patch panel, and eventually lead to the fire of the patch panel.
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Considering the above security issues, DAMAVO ® It is suggested that before going out, you should pay attention to the electrical equipment at home, especially when you are away from home. You should cut off the power supply and try to buy some good electronic equipment at ordinary times, so that the safety factor will increase a lot.
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