How to identify the quality of usb c data cable?

author: ZOU

   USB data cable is one of the electronic products that we need to use in our daily life. The quality of its product is very important. The USB data cable purchased by some friends is broken soon after use and needs to be purchased again. The quality of the data cable product is a very important link. DAMAVO ® As a data line manufacturer with 20 years of experience in developing usb c data cables, today I will tell you how to distinguish the quality of usb c data cables.
usb c data cable
   1.  Identify the quality of the usb c data cable and look at the appearance
The appearance is also the most intuitive part. The outer layer of the USB C data line on the market is generally made of PVC and TPE. PVC is ordinary plastic, cheap, mostly used in small workshops, and harmful to the environment; TPE is a new material with the characteristics of high elasticity and strength of rubber and plastic injection molding. The USB c data cable made of TPE is durable, smooth, safe and non-toxic, and will not cause any irritation to human skin. Nowadays, most international first-line brands choose TPE as the outer layer material of data lines. When selecting USB c data lines, they should generally choose data lines with thick wire diameter and non reflective wire surface. The thicker the wire is, the higher its tensile strength is, which has a good protective effect on the copper core; The less reflective the surface of the wire is, the higher the TPE content in the wire is. This data line has good elasticity, anti-aging and is not easy to break.
Therefore, a good USB C data cable is slightly larger than ordinary wires in terms of quality and diameter, and feels smooth and thick.
usb c data cable
2. Judge whether the USB C data cable is good or bad and look at the inner core
A good USB c data cable uses a thick high-quality copper core, which can pass 2A large current, ensure fast charging, and generate less heat; Covered with aluminum foil and metal woven mesh shielding, anti electromagnetic interference, faster and more stable transmission; The external wire harness contains fiber filament, which makes the data line not easy to break. Due to usb c cable the inner core cannot be directly seen by the naked eye. When purchasing, try to select data lines with thick wire diameter, heavy quality and relatively hard wire material.
usb c data cable
3. Distinguish the USB C data cable from the connector
A good USB C data cable also strives for perfection at the connector. The connector adopts an integrated pressing process, which is exquisite, compact and durable. The insulation layer is soft, and closely matches with the harness; The metal plug is clean and bright, which is obviously different from the common counterfeit goods.
usb c data cable
DAMAVO ®  specializes in providing high-quality usb c data cables. The product integrates the characteristics of a power failure without affecting use, plug, and play, durable plug-in interface, fast charging speed, small size, space-saving, compact structure design, convenient use, and expandability. They can be widely used in RVs, trailers, campers, vans, trucks, excavators, heavy vehicles, trains, tractors, agricultural vehicles, forklifts, golf carts, motorcycles, etc.
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