What are the LED lights used in ships?

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In the long night, what lights accompany the ships sailing in the vast sea and rivers, accompany them from dusk to dawn? Some of them are lit all night, some are flashing constantly, and it is with them that ships can sail more safely and orderly. Today, let's talk about those things about boat lights.

Ship lighting is a necessary condition for ship navigation, operation and life of ship managers. It usually includes lighting to ensure navigation safety and personnel safety (such as navigation lights, signal lights, lifeboat area lighting), ship workplace lighting (such as bridge, engine room and deck loading and unloading lighting), living area lighting, etc. Different from the land lighting system, the ship lighting system can be divided into main lighting, emergency lighting, temporary emergency lighting, navigation lights and signal lights according to different power supply methods.

Due to the long sailing time of the ship, the narrow space for the crew, the high work intensity, and the monotonous lighting color of the environment, the lighting environment of the cabin has a great impact on the crew's psychology and physiology. At the same time, the environment on the ship is special, and the equipment on the ship has been in the environment of salt fog, high humidity and strong vibration for a long time; due to the particularity and diversity of the tasks undertaken, the reliability and maintainability of the marine lighting equipment are proposed to be higher. requirements.

LED lighting industry is an emerging industry, it attracts people's attention with its unique advantages. LED not only has the characteristics of long life, energy saving, high brightness and small size, but also has the characteristics of controllable color and brightness, and rich color temperature. Therefore, it is more advantageous to apply LED to ship lighting in the market. Why the emergence of LED will bring green lighting environment? LED has no infrared, ultraviolet and thermal radiation, no stroboscopic, high reliability and long service life. At the same time, the LED has a compact structure, is easy to install, and has no noise, making it more suitable as a marine lighting source. As a marine lighting fixture, LED lights have the following obvious characteristics:

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  • Environmental protection and high safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

LED does not contain toxic gases, nor heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which can protect the environment and create a green lighting environment. LED converts all electrical energy into light energy, which will not cause waste of energy, and there is no hidden danger of explosion caused by static electricity.

  • No noise, no radiation

LEDs do not produce noise, making them ideal for workplaces that require a high degree of concentration, such as cockpits and chart rooms, as well as crew resting places. At the same time, the alternating current is directly converted into direct current, and there is no stroboscopic phenomenon and electromagnetic radiation.

  • Simple maintenance and long service life

LEDs consume less than one-third of the electricity of energy-saving lamps and have 10 times the service life of traditional lighting fixtures. It has long service life, high reliability and low cost. When the vessel vibrates violently, the LED lights are less affected.

Ships sailing at sea for a long time have high requirements for seismic and corrosion resistance of marine lighting equipment. And the unique packaging structure of the LED is very shock-resistant. Marine lamps are roughly divided into the following categories:

  1. Main lighting system (normal lighting system)

The main lighting system of the ship, also known as the normal lighting system, is distributed in all living and working places inside and outside the ship, providing sufficient lighting for each cabin and workplace. Normal lighting is the main lighting of the whole ship, mainly including:

  • Primary lighting in the cabin, such as most overhead lights.

  • Local or auxiliary lighting, such as bed lamps, wall lamps, etc.

  • Strong lighting for loading and unloading. 

  • More than half of indoor and outdoor walkways are illuminated.

  • Each cabin must be equipped with sockets, etc.

        2. Emergency lighting system (large emergency lighting)

Emergency lighting is put into use when the main grid fails and cannot work.

        3. Temporary emergency lighting (small emergency lighting)

In the event of failure of the main lighting and emergency lighting systems, the temporary emergency lighting system should be able to function.

      4. Navigation light and signal light system.

After you read this article, do you know more about marine LED lights?

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