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For people who drive, the steps to drive are nothing more than shifting, braking, and parking. But depending on whether a person drives well or not, there are several categories: one is conscious, the second is experience, and the third is skill. Consciousness and experience, everyone can do, but the skills have to vary from person to person.
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  • The difference between an RV and a car

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Although most RVs are C-licensed cars, they are still very different from small cars. First of all, its equipment is more complicated. Generally speaking, there are only oil circuits and circuits in ordinary cars. Even a simple gasoline RV has less complex water circuits, oil circuits and circuits. On the other hand, RVs are relatively large in size. Basically, the height of these cars is about 3 meters. Such height and width are still very different to drive. This requires conscious attention to the height and width restrictions on the road.
The biggest difference between an RV and a car is undoubtedly the convenience of traveling. You can drive where you sleep, where you go, eat where you go, especially when you travel on holidays, if you are in a hurry and you are in a traffic jam, you can get it done in minutes in the car, or when you are hungry but can't find a restaurant. , the induction cooker in the car can make you a satisfying hot meal.

  • Choice of petrol and diesel vehicles

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In the RVs we usually see, most of them are diesel cars, and some are gasoline cars. Diesel cars and gasoline cars have different fuel consumption and power. Under the same displacement, diesel cars have better power when accelerating or climbing.
When refueling, gasoline and diesel vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gasoline vehicles can add 92 and 95 depending on the situation throughout the year. Diesel is just entering the winter, or when the winter and spring alternate, or when the environment alternates between warm and cold during travel, you must pay attention. Variation of oil number, -10, -20 or -30. Be sure to read the instruction manual in advance to see how to change the oil and which oil to change.
We also think that diesel cars are noisy, which was true in the past, but with the improvement of our country's automobile manufacturing level and engine manufacturing level, the noise of diesel cars is getting lower and lower, and now it is not as everyone imagined. Diesel cars still rattled.
Who has a longer lifespan? Of course, diesel, because it is relatively simple and has no ignition system, thus reducing the probability of failure, so the reliability will be higher.

  • The pros and cons of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive

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For mountains, deserts, and basins, when the road conditions are very complicated, there is a four-wheel drive car, and its range of activities will be very, very large, the wheels are like in the sea water, and cannot sink in the soft sand. If you are a person who loves wild sports and adventures, or often drives an RV in complex road conditions, then a four-wheel drive off-road RV is perfect for you!
There is no absolute good or bad between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, depending on the circumstances. When driving on the plains or in the urban area, there is no difference between the front-wheel drive and the rear-wheel drive, but when encountering an uphill, the difference between the front-wheel drive and the rear-wheel drive is more obvious. When going uphill, the distribution of the center of gravity changes. According to the principle of physics, the grip of the front wheel will decrease, and the grip of the rear drive will increase, and the weight is basically on the rear wheel. When the rear wheel has no power , the front-wheel drive car will have problems climbing hills. Facts have also proved that, for example, when going to Tibet, where the altitude is relatively high, the front-drive car is very difficult.

  • RV driving

If you are a novice RV, then no matter how many years you have driven a small car, you must prepare for the road in two ways. The first is to fully and thoroughly understand the various functions of the car. The second is to suggest that you drive in better road conditions. On the road section, practice the left and right turns, reversing, acceleration and other operations of the RV more.
The turning radius of the RV is generally 6 meters, even in urban or suburban areas, be sure to leave a sufficient turning radius.
Reversing, nowadays RVs basically have reversing images, any car or RV has blind spots, we must pay attention. Entering the mountainous plateau, the air pressure is low and the altitude is high, especially when it is above 4000 meters in Lhasa, the air pressure will drop significantly, and the thin air will affect the power, so the control at this time is different.

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All RVs will have a safe speed of 100 per hour, but never the maximum speed, why? Because the RV is a tool for slow life, it does not let you go faster, it is a kind of enjoyment, a pleasant and comfortable experience during the journey. Therefore, it is recommended that the maximum speed should not exceed 100 miles. At this time, his fuel economy is also the best.
In addition, pay attention to the real-time height limit warning during the journey, and pass safely on the premise of fully understanding the height of your RV.
An RV is a car tool for enjoying life. We drive it out to play in the mountains, experience life, and sketch. The premise of this kind of pleasure is to take good care of your car, maintain your car well, have basic driving literacy and basic RV knowledge, plus certain driving skills. If all these points are done, the RV will bring you unparalleled romance and comfort that no car can bring!

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