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USB car chargers refer to car chargers that are conventionally powered by car batteries (12V for cars, 24V for trucks), and are widely used in the field of lithium battery charging for various portable and handheld devices.
Such as: mobile phone, PDA, GPS, etc.; the car charger should not only consider the actual needs of lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), but also consider the harsh environment of the car battery (transient peak voltage , system switching noise interference, electromagnetic interference, etc.); therefore, the power management IC selected for the on-board charger solution must meet the following requirements: high-voltage, high-efficiency, high-reliability, low-frequency switching power supply chips that are conducive to EMI design.

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The car charger uses the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to charge the phone directly. Since the voltage provided by the car is lower, only one overload protection circuit is required inside the car charger. The front end of the car charger socket is designed with a fuse tube. When the current exceeds the acceptable range of the overload protection circuit, the fuse will blow immediately and play a protective role. Note: Only charge when the car's engine is on! Here are some notes about the car charger:
1. Do not use the car charger in a humid environment
2. Do not store the car charger in a humid environment
3. The suitable temperature is 0-45℃
4 . Keep away from children
5. Avoid lightning strikes
6. Unplug in time after charging.
Therefore, for safety reasons, be sure to buy regular brands and genuine products. Inferior products are prone to safety hazards. There are two types of car chargers: direct charging and cradle charging. You can choose to buy a cradle charger, that is, remove the battery to charge, to avoid the phenomenon of burning the phone due to unstable vehicle power supply and high voltage output peak. There are a wide variety of car chargers on the market. If you choose to buy online, you must go to the official website to buy.

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How to buy

car charger products are all over the market and the internet. Whether it is in a physical store or online, the types of riders are different. I don't know which one to compare. We also know that car chargers are not very expensive, but if you buy counterfeit products, there is a good chance that you will burn car fuses and digital products. It may even endanger personal safety. So how can we improve our skills in choosing a high-quality car charger?
1. First of all, you must know the output voltage of your car cigarette lighter. The output voltage of the
car is 12V, and the output voltage of the truck is 24V. Most universal car chargers (12V) are suitable for use in cars. If it is other models, you need to select the corresponding voltage standard. There are many car chargers that can already reach the 12V-24V standard, that is, all models are applicable.
2. Understand the automatic protection function of the car charger.
Whether the car charger has functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, short circuit protection, etc., the shell should preferably be made of ABS flame retardant and environmentally friendly material, which can prevent external combustion and be beautiful, and touch without leaving fingerprints.
3. Pay attention to voltage and current
When purchasing a car charger, pay attention to the voltage and current of the supporting equipment. For example, the iphone is 5V/1A, and the tablet computer and mobile power supply are mostly 5V/2A. If the dual-USB car charger charges the mobile phone and tablet at the same time, the total current of the car charger must be at least 3A, otherwise the charging speed will not only decrease significantly, but also overheat or even damage the device.
4. Know the total current of the purchased charger.
Generally, regular products will indicate the output current on the charger. If the purchased charger is not only slow but also generates a lot of heat when charging the mobile phone + tablet, it means that the current does not meet the standard.

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 car lighter socket, charger c, qi car charger, DAMAVO

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