Can a motorcycle crash on the charger? Motorcycle car mobile phone charger special installation wiring

For some friends who love motorcycle riding, they may encounter the situation that mobile phones or sports cameras and other equipment are out of power during the riding journey, so some motorcycle owners will install car chargers for their motorcycles.
motorcycle charger

Can a motorcycle be equipped with a car charger?
The car charger is a device that is installed on the car and uses the cigarette lighter to use the car battery to charge smart devices such as mobile phones. Can the car charger be used for motorcycles? The answer is yes, car chargers can also be installed on motorcycles.

How to wire motorcycle car mobile phone charger?
It should be noted that if the car charger is not unplugged when the motorcycle is turned off for a long time, it may cause certain damage to the battery. Therefore, the motorcycle can adopt a wiring method.

The principle of these methods is to control the USB charging interface through the ignition switch, which can protect the battery through the original protection function of the motorcycle, and can prevent the short-circuit phenomenon; and this wiring method can also realize the power-off function when the key is turned off. , thus protecting the USB interface. The specific operation of this wiring method is as follows: the negative electrode is arbitrarily connected to the frame part or the negative electrode of the battery, and the positive electrode is connected through the ignition switch outlet. There may be some motorcycles, they have different models, the line color will change, but just find the flasher and connect it.