Why some USB-a charging cable can charge iPad pro

author: ZOU

  The reason why some USB-a charging cables can charge the iPad pro: Because the cables used by Apple devices are certified by Apple, the cables without certification will not be recognized.
When charging the USB-a charging cable iPad, you should be prompted to fully charge it. It is better to continue charging for another 15 minutes. It is unnecessary to charge for a long time. Charging for a long time is not good for the battery.
   The USB-a charging cable uses the iPad. Try to use less than 20% of the power before recharging, and control it within 10% - 20%. This can reduce the number of charges and improve the battery life. In addition, try to power off after recharging, and do not charge for too long.
USB-a cable with IC USB data cable:
   The USB-a charging cable is equipped with a central control chip. The models of ordinary chips are 2303, 2101 and 3116. You can also recognize the line without plugging in a mobile phone or computer. Since the price of an IC is more than 10 yuan, the price is more expensive than that without an IC. The working principle of the data line with the chip is USB to COM, which converts the USB interface into a serial port and displays it on the computer.
   Typical models of USB-a charging cable: Samsung E638 series, D418 series; NEC N610 series; Siemens 25 series and 55 series; Sony Ericsson mobile phone data cable; Panasonic mobile data cable; Lenovo mobile phone data cable, etc.
usb a charging cable,USB-C charging line
There are several differences between USb-a charging cable and USb-c charging wires:
1.Different shapes
The interface of the usb a charging cable is rectangular and thick; The interface of the USB-C charging cable is elliptical and thinner.
2. Different interfaces
The interface of the USb-a charging cable has both sides, and the interface of the USb-c charging line has no problem with both sides.
3.Different transmission speeds
The transmission speed of the USb-a charging cable is average, while the maximum transmission speed of the USb-c charging line port can reach 10Gb/s
4. The transmission direction is different.
The power of the USb-a charging cable can only be transmitted in one direction, while the power of the USb-c charging line can be transmitted in two ways.
5.Power supply capacity is different.
The interface of the USb-a charging line is equivalent to an ordinary charging port, while the interface of the USb-c charging line can pass the 3A current, and also supports the "USB pd" that exceeds the existing USb-a power supply capacity, and can provide up to 100w of power.
usb a charging cable,USB-C charging line
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