Category overview and classification of car connectors

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    DAMAVO ® Focusing on car  connectors and vehicle electrical appliances for 20 years, we have integrated development, production and sales. The company has a team of professional talents in machinery, electronic automation, computer, industrial automation, etc., which can not only meet the needs of standardized mass production, but also customize non-standard processing according to the special needs of customers.
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    With the rapid development of economy and the general improvement of people's living standards, cars have already become affordable transportation tools for most families. The car with high comfort, faster speed and high safety factor has become an indispensable means of transportation in contemporary daily life. Therefore, the automobile sales market is very large, and the development trend is also very fast. In 2021, everyone will talk about the corresponding expertise of connectors in automobile wire harness. Many people know that there will be thousands of car connectors in a car. Do you know how to classify the types of car  connectors? Next DAMAVO ® The manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the actual classification of car connectors.
   Generally speaking, the types of car connectors can be classified from six levels: electrical equipment function, installation position, buckle structure, appearance specification model, specification model and output power. Details are as follows:
1. According to the functions of electrical equipment: electronic device module (trip computer), headlight socket, temperature sensor, intermediate electrical equipment box, central air conditioning car harness, loudspeaker, game and entertainment
2. Classified by installation location: automobile braking system, on-board instrument panel, automobile engine system software, safety management system
3. According to the buckle structure: line to line, line to board, board to board, FPC, integrated circuit chip (IC pin type)
4. According to specifications and models: rectangular frame, ring
5. According to specifications and models: ring connector (common, coaxial), rectangular frame connector (sealed, unsealed)
6. According to output power: low frequency and high frequency (with 3MHz as the boundary)
Other types of car connectors can be classified into other categories according to their main uses, unique structures, installation methods, unique characteristics, etc., but generally only to better highlight a certain feature and main use, the basic classification can not exceed the above classification standards.
car connectors
In recent years, with the general improvement of people's daily life, cars are no longer a "luxury brand" that can be controlled by the rich. The regulations on safety factor, comfort, environmental protection, intelligent system and other aspects of automobiles are getting higher and higher, and the use of automotive electronic equipment is also increasing, such as vehicle mounted cigarette lighter, GPS navigation, vehicle mounted USB socket, vehicle airbag, vehicle mounted optical cable Internet, ABS system software, etc. With the increasing complexity of automobile internal structure, the demand for car connectors is also increasing. It is estimated that the number of electronic equipment connectors in the future vehicles will reach 600~1000 per vehicle, and the types of vehicle connectors are likely to change to some extent. In the future, the sales market of car connectors will become larger and larger, and the development prospect is also very promising.
car connectors

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