How to distinguish the positive and negative poles of cigarette lighter car

author: ZOU

DAMAVO ® It is a professional manufacturer of vehicle electronics. It has launched a  cigarette lighter car, which is very suitable for installation in various cars and outdoor station wagons.

The positive and negative poles of the cigarette lighter car shall be connected in such a way that the positive and negative poles of the cigarette lighter  car shall be distinguished first, and then the wires shall be fixed on the positive and negative poles respectively to lead out. The middle contact point of the cigarette lighter car is the positive pole, the peripheral contact point is the negative pole, the core wire is the positive pole, and the housing is the negative pole. If there are three wires behind the cigarette lighter car, Line 1 is the negative pole, Line 2 is the positive pole, and Line 3 is the lamp of the cigarette lighter car.
cigarette lighter car
  The middle contact of the cigarette lighter car holder is positive, and the peripheral ring contact is negative. Cigarette lighter car  is a part of all cars, which is used to facilitate the ignition source of the owner when smoking. It is directly connected with the battery used in the car, and the current power is the same as the battery.
 Precautions for use of  cigarette lighter car:
 Prevent foreign matters from entering the cigarette lighter car hole: it is necessary to check whether the cigarette lighter  car is stuffed with foreign matters from time to time to avoid damaging the car cigarette lighter. If the vehicle has a protective cover for the cigarette lighter, it should be timely covered. Some advanced vehicles also have a spare cigarette lighter interface in the trunk, and you should also pay attention to whether there are foreign matters entering.
cigarette lighter car

Avoid using electric appliances with too high power on the cigarette lighter: the maximum bearing power of the cigarette lighter car is generally 120W. Exceeding this value will easily lead to overload of the cigarette lighter, causing various dangers such as burning the cigarette lighter. Therefore, when using external equipment, be sure to see the maximum power and try to use it less than 120W.

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