Can a motorcycle be equipped with a car charger

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DAMAVO ® It is a professional manufacturer of car charger. Now let's learn how to install and connect the motorcycle car charger.

Car charger
  For most motorcycle owners who like to ride, they may encounter the situation that mobile phones or sports cameras and other equipment are out of power during the ride, so some motorcycle owners will give themselves.Your motorcycle is equipped with an car charger. In fact, the car charger can also be installed on the motorcycle. When installing, first make two leads from the charger power supply, and then connect the positive and negative poles to use the motorcycle.The battery charges mobile phones and other devices. For safety reasons, the positive pole can be connected through the outlet wire of the ignition switch to protect the battery and prevent short circuit.
Car charger
  The car charger is a device that is installed on the car and uses the cigarette lighter to charge smart devices such as mobile phones with the car battery. Can the car charger be used for motorcycles? The answer is yes. You can also install a car charger on a motorcycle. Many people think it is useless to install a car charger on a motorcycle. In fact, the car charger on a motorcycle is not intended for ordinary people. For friends who like motorcycle riding, they may need a car charger to charge their smart phones or sports cameras and other devices, which is convenient for riding. How to install a car charger on a motorcycle?
The installation of the motorcycle car charger is mainly about the wiring. You can directly purchase a USB car charger produced by a formal manufacturer, and first make two connections to the charger power supply.The middle is the positive pole, and the spring pieces on both sides are the negative pole (be careful not to connect them reversely, or they may be burnt); Select the inner side of the shroud or other waterproof positions and fix them.
Then connect the positive wire to the positive pole of the front brake switch wire, and connect the negative pole to any grounded position. After the cable is connected, purchase a mobile phone bracket to fix it on the handlebar,
You can charge your mobile phone while riding.
Car charger

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