Why many people are used to calling Type-C data cable huawei usb c cable

author: ZOU

   I still remember a few years ago when I was using Glory 8, I couldn't find a Type-C data cable all over the street, and charging was a problem. What impressed me most was that once I went to a restaurant to have a meal and my mobile phone was out of power. I asked my boss to borrow Type-C data cable, but he didn't know me at all.
   Later, the boss glanced at my mobile phone model and suddenly realized, "Oh! You mean Huawei usb c cable? Yes." This situation is very common in life - even now it is 2021.
huawei usb c cable     huawei usb c cable  huawei usb c cable
    This is strange. As we all know, Type-C is the industry's unified interface standard, not Huawei's original technology. Anyone familiar with the digital world should know that Huawei is not even the first domestic mobile phone manufacturer to use Type-C interface.
    As early as 2015, LeEco launched the first domestic smartphone with Type-C interface, LeEco Superphone 1. Huawei waited until P9 to use Type-C interface. In this case, why are many offline people used to call the Type-C data cable "Huawei usb c cable"? The reasons behind it are thought-provoking and can be divided into three points.
1.Type-C data cable is called "Huawei usb c cable" for the same reason that tablet computers are called "Pad". The fundamental reason is that Huawei's mobile phone sales in the offline market are high, and its influence is greater than that of LeTV and OnePlus - this is also a reflection of its market position.
2.The reason why Type-C data cable is called "Huawei  usb c cable" can be said to be set off by friends. Huawei began to popularize the Type-C interface in 2016, covering most models. In 2018, OPPO still used the traditional Mirco USB interface, and Type-C was not used until R17. Two years is not short, about equal to a replacement cycle.
huawei usb c cable
As a result, for those users who buy Android phones offline, there are only two types of data lines: Android line and Huawei usb c cable.
Of course, the Type-C data cable is called the "Huawei usb c cable". Another important reason is that the charging mode is incompatible. I often encounter this situation when I use Glory 8. When I go out and have no power, I have to ask someone to borrow Type-C data cable.
Since the mainstream mobile phones were using Mirco USB at that time, they could not borrow it under normal circumstances. Finally, they had to go to the nearby mobile phone store to buy a "Huawei usb c cable", which formed an inertial thinking over time.
huawei usb c cable
   So finally, in my opinion, the Type-C data cable is called "Huawei  usb c cable" not by accident, but because of deep-seated reasons. As a high-end brand focusing on the offline market, Huawei pays no less attention to new technologies and standards than the so-called "Internet mobile phone brand".

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