What is the USB port on the car

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The main function of the USB interface on the car is to use the standard power supply on the car to charge DC-5V electrical appliances with the USB as the interface, or to use it as a fixed power interface power supply.

The USB interface is a vehicle-mounted transmission line. It has the advantages of fast transmission speed, easy use, support for hot plugging, flexible connection, independent power supply, etc. It is generally a universal interface for plugging in USB devices such as U disk and MP3.

The USB interface on the car can be used for: plug in a U disk to listen to songs, for mobile phones, MP3 for charging, as a USB car cigarette lighter interface, as an electronic dog and driving recorder interface, for computers and tablets to charge.

Working principle: The power supply in the car is converted from DC-12V or DC-24V to DC 5V, and then the DC-5V output is transferred to the corresponding electrical appliances using the unified USB interface. Because the power of different electrical appliances is different, the power of the USB car charger is also very different, which is mainly different from the current level of the USB car charger.