Operations to avoid when using braided usb c cable

author: ZOU

In order to ensure the service life of the braided usb c cable, what operations should be avoided during the use of the data cable? DAMAVO ® The manufacturer will show you about it.
braided usb c cable
1.no rough pulling
It is well known that the visible part of the mobile phone data cable is mainly composed of lines and interfaces connected with the mobile phone, but there are also corresponding line materials inside the woven usb c cable. If the host needs to plug and unplug the braided usb c cable too roughly, the internal circuit may be damaged. Therefore, try to avoid rough pulling or plugging during use.
braided usb c cable
 2. unplug the socket and place it naturally when it is idle
A large number of computer owners have the habit of plugging the braided usb c cable into the socket for a long time, but they do not know that if they continue to plug the cable into the socket when the data cable is not in use, the internal devices may age. Therefore, when the braided usb c cable is idle, it should be pulled out of the socket in time, and at the same time, the data cable should be naturally placed in the position away from the heat source.
braided usb c cable
3.Use according to the instructions
Any product comes with a manual when it is purchased, and the woven usb c cable also has a manual. However, many owners think that they are familiar with the control process of the data cable and do not read the manual. In fact, many owners do not know the details of the use of the mobile phone data cable, causing unnecessary damage to the braided usb c cable.
braided usb c cable
DAMAVO ® specializes in providing high-quality braided usb c cable. The product integrates the characteristics of a power failure without affecting use, plug, and play, durable plug-in interface, fast charging speed, small size, space-saving, compact structure design, convenient use, and expandability. They can be widely used in RVs, trailers, campers, vans, trucks, excavators, heavy vehicles, trains, tractors, agricultural vehicles, forklifts, golf carts, motorcycles, etc.

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