Characteristics of different types of usb expansionsockets

author: ZOU

 We have to admit that usb expansionsocket has gradually entered our life. You can see that in many snack bars, you don't need to worry about the lack of power on your mobile phone and the lack of charging head. At home, you don't have to worry about too many smart products and too few charging places. What I want to tell you today is the difference between different types of USB expansionsockets.
   1. The straight USB expansionsocket is characterized by no button, no indicator light or USB expansionsocket with indicator light, and low cost.
Because the USB expansionsocket market is still in its early stage, and there is no perfect safety index for the USB socket standard, many low-cost USB sockets in the market are mostly direct USB expansionsockets. The USB in this kind of socket is directly in contact with the home voltage and always keeps running, which is quite similar to the standby TV, which greatly reduces the life span and has a large security risk. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing this type of socket.
   2. The USB expansionsocket with button is characterized by its own button, and the USB expansionsocket with or without indicator light, with high safety performance. USB socket with buttons. The USB circuit is integrated into one button. When the button is pressed, the USB is powered on, so that the USB does not have to keep in contact with the home voltage all the time, and the potential safety hazard is greatly reduced.
   3. The automatic on-off USB expansionsocket is characterized by a built-in switch with or without an indicator light, that is, the switch is opened when plugged in, and closed when pulled out. Because the button USB expansionsocket is not user-friendly enough, most people will forget to turn off the button when pulling out the USB cable. Some buttons are too old-fashioned, and they are all turned on and off by pressing, which makes it unclear whether the USB is on or off, so that the button is virtually useless. Therefore, there is an automatic on-off USB expansionsocket.
At present, there are two kinds of switches that can automatically turn on and off the USB expansionsocket: door switch and inner core switch (micro switch), which are suitable for public occasions, such as coffee shops, leisure halls, etc. It is explained here that there is a door at the door type USB outlet. When it is inserted, the door is concave inward, which makes the switch open and USB runs; (But sometimes it may get stuck, so the inner core switch is a microswitch.). The inner core switch (micro switch) means that a micro switch is installed in the USB. When it is inserted, the switch will be touched and the USB will run. Deer Leopard reminds you again that the indicator light does not automatically turn on or off the USB socket. The indicator light only indicates whether the power is normally connected when inserting and whether the plug cable is normally connected, not whether the power is connected when standby. However, the inner core automatic on-off USB socket belongs to the patent of a few brands, and is generally marked with automatic on-off.
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