Analysis of 12V usb C socket solution

author: ZOU

   This article will introduce the 12V USB C socket solution, and guide developers how to integrate and deploy these USB C socket connectors in the new design, so as to safely provide scalable USB power for external devices.
   The original USB 1.1 standard specified a maximum current of 500 mA @ 5 V (2.5 W), and USB 2.0 allowed the same maximum current. The USB 3.1 specification has changed to allow a maximum current of 900 mA. All of these standards use the common rectangular USB connector. However, as USB becomes ubiquitous, its application and related requirements in connector compatibility and power transmission capacity also increase. These requirements led to USB Type-C ™ Development of standards.
12v usb c socket
   The new 12v usb c socket  is only slightly larger than the USB micro-B connector on Android smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It replaces both the computer (host) and the device connector, so that all kinds of devices can be connected with only one line. In addition, the 12v usb c socket has no latch and no preferred orientation, so it can be firmly connected regardless of the insertion.
12v usb c socket
The DAMAVO ® 12v usb c socket is made of fire-resistant materials, with short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and over temperature protection for buses and coaches. At the same time, it is easy to install and has wide compatibility.

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