How to purchase usb c car outlet?

author: ZOU

When it comes to usb c car outlet, I believe you are no stranger. As one of the essential electronic products for vehicles, its application scope and classification are also various. What skills do you have when purchasing usb c car outlet and what matters should you pay attention to?
usb c car outlet
  The usb c car outlet should be purchased according to requirements
Generally, usb c car outlet will be marked with the output voltage and current of the USB interface. Select usb c car outletwith different current sizes according to the equipment. Of course, the higher the current, the more expensive it is. When we buy, we should see what size we should buy according to our own needs. That is to say, it can automatically adapt and match according to the charging current of mobile phone or tablet battery, so as to protect the battery to a large extent.
usb c car outlet
  We must choose products that meet the national standards
In addition to avoiding super low price sockets and selecting first-line brand products, we should also choose products that meet the national standard when purchasing usb c car outlet. What kind of usb c car outlet can be considered to meet the international standard? Let's take a look:
1. The usb c car outlet has a three pole jack, and the plug with two metal pins does not meet the standard.
2. Universal holes are not allowed on usb c car outlet. It is difficult for the copper strip to reach the standard in terms of the bite force. The plug pin and the copper strip are prone to poor contact, causing temperature rise and fire.
3. All  USB sockets shall be able to pass the 750 ℃ glow wire test, that is to say, when encountering an open flame, the socket shell will not appear flame.
4. Check whether usb c car outlet wires and plugs have passed 3C certification. Generally qualified sockets will have 3C certification marks and 3C certification numbers on the plugs, and 3C certification numbers and internal copper wire specifications will also be printed on the cables.
5. The interior shall be of integrated copper sleeve design.DAMAVO ® The socket manufacturer stated that it was better not to choose ultra-low price and low-quality products
usb c car outlet
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