How to install and use the car charger? What needs attention?

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  • How to install the car charger:

1. Insert the USB power adapter into the cigarette lighter in the car (usually one in the cab and one in the trunk), insert the plug (plug it in until you hear a click), and the charging indicator light will turn on. (Note that it can only be charged when the car engine is started)
2. Using a USB cable and adapter, connect the mobile phone, MP3 or standard USB interface product to the car USB power adapter for charging.
3. Please check the power consumption specifications of digital products before use to avoid overload

cigarette lighter charging adapter, 12v charging socket, charging port for motorcycle factory - DAMAVO

  • How to use the car charger:

1. On the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car charger, and output DC voltage through the standard USB interface.
2. Electronic design parameters such as voltage and current fully comply with the pda mobile phone standard, and will not cause damage to your beloved machine.
3. Connect the USB data cable to power and charge various electronic products such as MP3/MP4, mobile phone, small speaker, Bluetooth, PSP and so on

.cigarette lighter charging adapter, 12v charging socket, charging port for motorcycle work

  • Precautions when using the car charger

  1. The car charger is very small and practical, its installation and use is very simple, just need a cigarette lighter socket in the car. The car cigarette lighter socket is as shown below: when charging mobile phones, navigators and other devices, just unplug the cigarette lighter with the cigarette mark, connect the device to be charged to the car charger with the charging cable, and then plug it in to the car. The cigarette lighter is just the socket.

  2. We can see that there are two springs in the cigarette lighter, both of which are used to fix the cigarette butt, so when installing the car charger, you cannot insert it against the spring, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the cigarette lighter and car charger. Therefore, the correct installation method is to insert along the track on the side of the spring, and after the car charger is installed, in order to ensure that it is firmly fixed with the spring, the charger can be moved back and forth.

  3. When igniting, the car charger must not be connected to the charging device, because the current at the moment of starting the engine is very large. If you connect electronic devices such as mobile phones at this time, it is easy to burn the mobile phone.

  4. ​​​​​​Now many car owners like to put a humidifier in the car to increase the humidity of the air in the car and avoid excessive drying. But we know that electricity and water are mutually exclusive, so we will not use the car charger in a too humid environment, so car owners must always pay attention to the humidity in the car. In addition, it should be noted that the car charger should not be stored in an environment that is too humid to avoid damage. When we use the car charger, try to keep the room temperature around 0-45 degrees.

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cigarette lighter charging adapter, 12v charging socket, charging port for motorcycle
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