How to connect the socket power supply

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Every home has a socket power supply, which is used to connect the AC power provided by incoming calls. It can make all the electrical facilities in the home run. There are many kinds of socket power supply.What are the wiring methods and precautions?

socket power supply

How to connect the socket power supply?
Although many people have learned physics in school, many people have not really applied it to real life, so they need to study hard. Before wiring, we should first understand that the copper wires in the wire are interlaced and twisted. Only in this way can we ensure that there will be no ignition, short circuit and poor contact at the wire connector
When the socket power supply is connected, don't be alarmed when there is a spark or a short circuit. In fact, it is not so difficult to deal with it. This situation is mostly caused by the lack of correct terminals. After the terminals are loose, when high-load current passes through, electric ions will be generated. The electric ions repel each other and look like welding flowers. At the same time, the temperature also rises. And soon, if they can be stuck, they will be energized. If they cannot be energized, they will form a short circuit.
So for safety, after you connect the wires, you need to do a simple treatment. The method is also very simple. You can paste black insulating fire-proof adhesive tape at the connection position of the wires. This is important. Most of its functions are insulation and fire prevention. Only in this way can we have a relatively low level of electricity safety.

socket power supply

What should we pay attention to when using the socket power supply?
1.Avoid plugging and unplugging the plug with wet hands. Plugging and unplugging the plug with water on your hands will lead to electric shock because water is a conductor;
2.It is forbidden to pull out the plug by holding the power cord;
3.Replace the socket plug in time if it is found abnormal;
4.Avoid "small horse pulling big cart". The socket has a main index, rated current. It is required that the rated current of the electrical appliance inserted in the socket should not be greater than the rated current of the socket, that is, you cannot use a pony to pull a cart, otherwise the socket will generate heat, affect its service life, damage the electrical appliance and even cause fire;
5.The plug of the socket power supply shall be cleaned frequently.

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