Build an excellent car to charge two or three things

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How to make a Fast USB Car Charger, Car Fast Charger USB, C Power Adapter?

The first critical step is to choose a good plan to manufacture a good car charging. 

According to the needs, engineers conduct market research and, through experimental test data analysis, select the chip with the highest cost performance for development.

fast usb car charger, car fast charger usb,c power adapter factory

In terms of material selection, we have rigorous testing methods:

Full load high voltage test 72 hours: The design power is a full load to input high voltage continuous test for 72 hours, and the product needs to operate normally.

Environmental testing: Simulate the environment to do -40-+80 degrees of storage environment testing.

Load-bearing shock test: Under full load, the input terminal is continuously powered off and then energized, simulating the shock wave test.

After the test is completed, the chip can continue to run normally and stably before it can continue the subsequent development.

Regarding plastic material selection, we prefer fireproof and environmentally friendly materials. Most of them are made of 94-V0 fire rating materials, which fully protect the safety of users. Mechanical properties, heat resistance, dimensional stability, ageing resistance, wear resistance, self-lubrication, shock absorption, sound attenuation, good electrical insulation, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvents, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odourless, weather-resistant materials.

We use the best material selection to ensure product quality and users' safe use.

fast usb car charger, car fast charger usb,c power adapter

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