What is the function of a cigarette lighter?

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What is a cigarette lighter?

The cigarette lighter on the car is a traditional configuration, which is used to refer to the fire source for the owner to light the cigarette when smoking. However, with the development of the times, the function of the cigarette lighter is more and more like a power socket. The cigarette lighters produced by the manufacturer are not used to light cigarettes, but to draw electricity from the car! This cigarette lighter is also called a cigar head. The general power supply is 12 volts DC (different models may be different), the elastic head in the middle is the positive pole, and the buttons (ears) on both sides are the negative pole. It is directly connected to the battery used in the car and has the same current and power as the battery.

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How to use the cigarette lighter?

Generally speaking, cigarette lighters are mainly used in places where open flames are rejected, such as factories, workshops and other places where cigarettes need to be lit, so only cigarette lighters can be used. But once the cigarette is lit, the cigarette butt is also an open flame, so the cigarette lighter is often not used to light the cigarette.

Besides lighting a cigarette, what else does a car cigarette lighter do?

A cigarette lighter socket is an electronic device that is similar to a multi-hole socket for household power. It connects to the car's power supply through a plug, which then leads out to multiple cigarette lighter sockets. Cigarette lighter sockets are great for car owners who use their car electronics a lot.

  • Car charger: During driving, if the power of the mobile phone is insufficient, the mobile phone can be charged through the cigarette lighter, which brings convenience to passengers.
  • On-board inverter: The on-board inverter can convert the 12V voltage on the vehicle into 220V for passengers to use. It is convenient for some people who like to drive by themselves, and it does not affect normal use.
  • Car air pump: Long-distance drivers need an air pump. If the tire is punctured in half, they can take out the inner tube of the car to replace the air pump without having to bother changing the spare tire, saving long-distance drivers time.
  • Car hot water cups: Car hot water cups are also common in many drivers' cars. Through the connection of the cigarette lighter, you can drink hot water while driving, especially when the weather is cold. It is more convenient to bring a hot water cup.
  • Car driving recorder: The driving recorder is an indispensable safety auxiliary configuration when driving, and it can also be powered by a cigarette lighter.

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Car cigarette lighters are becoming more and more popular with car owners, mainly because of their many uses, which saves car owners a lot of trouble in the car.

Do car owners know what to pay attention to when buying and using cigarette lighters?

How steps to buy a cigarette lighter. The first thing to notice is its interface. Some of the socket interfaces of the cigarette lighter are USB, some are cigarette lighters, and some are household appliance sockets. Cigarette lighter sockets are widely used, not only used in car power sockets, computer USB interfaces, and even home 220V power interface products to convert into automotive electronic products for car power supply. Car owners should pay more attention to the interface type when purchasing a cigarette lighter. For self-use of automotive electrical appliances, porous ones should be selected according to their own use requirements. If it is not porous or not good, there will be many connection holes, and the heat used will be large, which will increase the hidden danger to safe driving. Then, the porous socket of each cigarette lighter has the maximum output power and the maximum passing current, and the total current when using the car electrical appliances cannot exceed the electricity and current of the cigarette lighter porous socket, which is to ensure the normal use of the multi-hole socket and its safety. index. Finally, the appearance of the multi-hole socket is also a standard for purchasing. As cars become fashionable, the cigarette lighter that owners seek should be novel. With its color and appearance, it is one of them that is cleverly matched with the interior accessories in the car.

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