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DAMAVO ® It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of automobile USB sockets and USB interfaces. It has launched a power socket, which is very
suitable for installation in various cars and outdoor touring vehicles.

With people's increasing dependence on mobile phones, a large number of USB sockets have also begun to appear in cars for drivers and passengers to charge. Some vehicles' on-board USB interface can't be charged, and there is no response. What's the matter? Many vehicle owners have expressed their feelings: are you kidding me?
USB socket
We can divide it into two situations:
1. Connect the mobile phone through the USB socket, and the mobile phone has no charging display;
2. Connect the mobile phone through the USB socket. The mobile phone has a charging display, but it can't be charged.
  The phone has no charging display
  If the mobile phone is connected through the USB socket, and the mobile phone does not have a charging display, there may be the following reasons:
1. The fuse of the vehicle USB interface is burnt out (find the corresponding fuse through the vehicle user's manual, and replace the spare fuse in time if it is blown out).

USB interface
2. The data line is damaged.
3. The spring of the mobile phone charging port is loose, resulting in poor contact.

The mobile phone has a charging display, but it can't be charged

If this happens, it means that the USB interface is only used to read data from the USB stick, not for mobile phone charging. We can check the application range of the USB interface through the vehicle's user manual. Generally, the current of the USB interface used to read data is 0.5A, and the mobile phone charging interface must meet the current output of 1A at least.

The details of the damage of the automobile USB socket are as follows:
1. Causes of damage to the automobile USB socket: the damage to the automobile USB interface is caused by the disconnection of the connecting wire or the falling off of the solder joint. Go to the 4S store or the automobile repair shop in time to find a professional for repair.
2. The USB on the car is an interface: you can listen to songs by directly plugging the data cable of the phone into the USB interface. The broadband on the car can be used as a reader and external software, and you can use digital products that support the insertion of data cables to charge, play games and listen to music.
3. The price of USB is inseparable from the specification of USB Car Charger: UDB may look the same, but the output label is different, and the price will also be different. Generally, the higher the current, the higher the power, and the higher the price. The price can be divided into cost price, factory price, wholesale market price and zero price.

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