What is the difference between lamp and lighting parts in concept and content

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DAMAVO ® It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of lamp and lighting parts. It has launched many kinds of lamp and lighting parts, which are very suitable for today's caravans, hiking vehicles and outdoor tents.

lamp and lighting parts
The difference between lamps and lighting components is:
Lighting lamps only refer to the lamp itself
Lighting fixtures include the lamp itself, as well a s supporting wires, switches, insurance, etc
At the same time, lamp and lighting parts are the necessary prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of lighting;
So what should we pay attention to when choosing lamp and lighting parts? Take corridor Lighting lamps as an example
Lighting lamps and lanterns are set in the corridor for safety on the one hand and for guidance on the other, so that we can quickly find our room and provide convenience for our life.
Downlights, lamps that can be used in the lamp trough, wall lamps, etc. are generally used for corridor lighting. What we need to pay attention to is that if the corridor is long, do not install lamps at equal distance, but install them near the entrance of the room, so as to make the position of the room more obvious.
When installing wall lamps on the wall, pay attention to the installation position of lamps and lanterns not to impede walking and block people in the room; If installed near the door, it can be flush with the upper door frame; If the wall lamp is installed in the narrow part of the corridor, the smaller diameter should be used.
The LED downlight emits light evenly, which can be used to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. When selecting it for corridor lighting, attention should be paid to the distance to height ratio of lamps to avoid uneven illumination and spot problems in corridor lighting.
The use of LED light strips, which can continuously hide the lamps arranged in the ceiling, coupled with the extension of the lamp slot, can provide us with a soft scattering light source, and also has a good guiding role.

lamp and lighting parts

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