Types and application fields of car accessory lights

author: ZOU

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car accessory lights

There are many kinds of car accessory lights, including interior car lamp,headlights for driving at night and warning lights for warning. What are the functions of so many lights;

1. Headlights, commonly known as headlamps, are divided into low beam and high beam. They are mainly used for night driving lighting. Low beam lamps are used for urban roads with street lamps, and high beam lamps are used for suburban roads without street lamps or expressways. Another is the switching of high and low lights, which is used for prompting or overtaking. When meeting, remember not to turn on the high beam all the time and become the so-called "high beam dog"
2. interior car lamp is a lamp installed in the cab or on the top of the vehicle for lighting in the cab. The ceiling light is white, and the lampshade is mostly made of transparent plastic. 
3. In order not to increase the battery load, daytime running lights should not be turned on during the day. This kind of light is generated during daytime driving and is specially used to remind other vehicles and
pedestrians to pay attention to safety during daytime driving. Generally, the daytime lights are white LED lights, which will not be too bright when saving power, and can also play a warning role.
car accessory lights

4. The turn signal lamp is a light that can be used 24 hours a day to remind other vehicles or pedestrians that I want to turn. Generally, it is used for turning, merging, and double flashing lights in emergency situations. It emits yellow and regularly flashing lights to remind other vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to safety. When turning or merging, turn on the turn signal in advance to give sufficient reaction time to the following vehicles, opposite vehicles, vehicles in the adjacent lane and passing pedestrians.
5. Brake light the brake light is red, which is used to tell the car behind to slow down or stop. If there is a fault, it is very easy to cause rear end collision.
6. Fog lights fog lights can help drivers improve visibility in foggy days, inform oncoming cars, avoid each other and meet safely. Therefore, fog lights must be turned on in foggy days and must not be replaced by side marker lights. Be sure to turn it off immediately after parking to prevent overheating and damaging the lampshade.
7. After the reversing lamp is engaged in reverse gear, the reversing lamp will be on synchronously. Its function is to remind the vehicles behind or the pedestrians behind the vehicle to indicate the intention of reversing. The reversing lamp is a white light to improve the visibility when reversing and facilitate safe reversing.
8. License plate lamp this lamp is used to illuminate the vehicle license plate when the weather is bad at night. It is clearly stipulated in the road traffic safety law that the license plate lamp must be turned on when driving at night, and it is required to be clearly visible within 20 meters. In the design of lamps, it is required that license plate lamps and side marker lamps must be controlled by the same switch.
Car accessory lights can be divided into lighting and auxiliary lamps according to their uses. Among them, only headlights and fog lamps of some automobile equipment play a lighting role, and the rest belong to auxiliary lamps.

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