What are the types of USB sockets?

author: ZOU

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usb sockets
     USB interface is the charging and data connection interface of smart phones, and it is one of the interfaces we can see at ordinary times. Because the usb interface of most smart phones is relatively uniform, there is also a kind of socket with usb interface on the market, that is, the usb socket. What kind of socket is this? If you use this socket to charge your mobile phone, will it hurt your phone like the legendary one? Let's get to know.
      The so-called USB socket is very simple to understand even if it has not been used. It is a socket with one or more USB interfaces on the plug board of the socket. This kind of socket is a derivative of USB interface, which brings convenience to the charging of mobile phones, so it is very popular.
      The Usb socket is a weak current electronic product with a very low output voltage of only 5V. If you want to say what the concept of 5V is, think about it. The safe voltage of human body is 36V, and you may be able to understand. In other words, this kind of socket will not power people.
usb sockets
 We know that different types of sockets can bring us different values, and the use methods will also be different. Now that we know what USB sockets are, what types of USB sockets are there?
 1. Straight through type
Direct charging can also be called direct charging, that is, inserting the USB data cable into the socket can directly charge or power on. This type of socket panel has no switch button and no indicator light. This type of socket is common when the USB socket first came out, and still exists today.
2. Button type
The panel of the socket has a switch button to control the USB interface. Press this button, and the USB interface can be used normally; The close button will disable the USB interface.
3. Automatic on-off type
This kind of socket is humanized in design, and can automatically turn on and off the switch of usb socket. The common types of this type of socket are door switch and inner core switch.
usb sockets
   These are the three most common types of USB sockets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the straight through type is easy to use, simple and direct, with short service life and poor safety; The button type can avoid constant contact between USB and voltage, with higher safety factor; The automatic on-off type can automatically cut off the power when the user forgets to turn off the socket switch, which can not only save electric energy, but also ensure the safety of electricity use.

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