What are the types of fuse boxes

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   Fuse box refers to the box (also called fuse holder) used for installing fuses, which is convenient for installing fuses. Some of them also have functional features such as waterproof, fireproof, high temperature resistance (depending on different raw materials and shapes).
   The types of fuse boxes can be divided into lead fuse boxes and automobile fuse boxes. General injection materials of fuse box include plastic, nylon, bakelite,PBTT plastic. Different raw materials have different degrees of high temperature resistance. In the process of selecting the fuse box, the current of the fuse used and the fuse size requirements shall be considered. The greater the fuse current is, the larger the wire should be used to match the fuse box, otherwise it will cause the fuse box and wire to heat up and cause a fire.
types of fuse boxes
  According to the classification of device fuse, it can be divided into fuse box and fuse box;
The types of fuse boxes are subdivided into big fuse boxes, medium fuse boxes and small fuse boxes. It is divided into plastic fuse box and plastic wood protector according to raw materials fuse box. It is divided into environmental protection fuse box and non environmental protection fuse box according to environmental protection
types of fuse boxes
The types of fuse boxes can also be divided into lead fuse box and circuit board fuse box according to the device method, and the outer panel is equipped with fuse box;
types of fuse boxes
The selection of fuse box type mainly depends on its size, and then depends on whether its fire resistance rating can meet the requirements and the appropriate size and current (A) of fuse tube. Generally, the 6x30mm fuse box and middle plug-in fuse box are applicable to large current (generally referred to as large current above 15A), and the wire needs more than 16AWG (1.5 square meters).
types of fuse boxes
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