What are the advantages of type-c data cable

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type-c data cable
With the development of fast charging technology, the power of charging is getting higher and higher. The TYPE-C interface can support high-power charging and has advantages in other functions. More and more electronic products use the TYPE-C charging interface. What are the advantages of the TYPE-C data cable?
1. Strong interface scalability
The interface of the type-C data cable has strong expandability, which can transmit audio and video signals, and can be extended to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI interfaces, and even achieve extended transmission up to 4K resolution.
2.Two way charging available
The interface of the TYPE-C data cable can supply two-way power, which can not only charge the equipment itself, but also supply power to external equipment.
type-c data cable
3.Better data transmission capability and higher charging power
The transmission speed of TYPE-C has been greatly improved, and the data transmission speed can reach 10Gbps. And the type-C data cable supports the usb-pd power supply standard, and the power supply can reach 100W.
4.Lighter and thinner interface
Different from the traditional USB Type-A and Type-B interfaces commonly seen in life, the new TYPE-C interface has been slimmed down in size, only 8.3 * 2.5mm, which is more suitable for use in increasingly miniaturized electronic products.
5.Supports both front and back insertion
In the past, Android phones were basically equipped with Micro USB interfaces, which were trapezoidal interfaces. The interface shape of the TYPE-C data cable is an oval interface, which supports front and back insertion, making it more convenient to use.
type-c data cable

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