The genuine stock of Camper usb sockets , selection guide

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DAMAVO ® It is a professional manufacturer of camper usb sockets and RV lighting.We provide comprehensive camper usb sockets and Solutions

Sockets as a common product in life, the safety performance of sockets cannot be ignored. According to statistics, most fire accidents occur every year, 30% of which come from sockets, so electricity safety accidents occur from time to time; For those of us who like outdoor travel, do we have the awareness of hidden dangers in this respect when we own a RV? With the widespread application of RV,camper usb sockets are also gradually popularized in the market;
How to use the power of the RV and how to correctly select the camper usb sockets? I believe it is a topic of concern to all RV riders

camper usb sockets

The first is the basic power consumption of the RV, including the lighting, water pump and basic electrical appliances in the vehicle, which must be guaranteed when the RV leaves the factory.
The second is ordinary power, which includes our TV, refrigerator, mobile phone charging, computer, etc. at this time, we need to use inverter to turn 12V into 220V
The third is high-power appliances such as air conditioners and water heaters.
The above three kinds of electricity can only ensure the supply of electricity, but cannot create a safe electricity environment. The area of RV is limited, and usually there is a closed space. Once there is an electric spark in the socket, there are many flammable objects around, which is easy to cause a large-area fire accident. After an accident, the RV will become isolated.

camper usb sockets
camper usb sockets
Therefore, a set of professional camper usb sockets is essential, and must be truly waterproof and spark free. DAMAVO ® The camper usb sockets, which uses the power of technology to overcome the subversive problem of fear of electricity and water, realizes no short circuit, no arc and strong waterproof. It is the only choice for safe travel of RV.

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