Purpose of smart fuse box

author: ZOU

DAMAVO ® It is a professional manufacturer of on-board fuse box and DC fuse box. It has launched a smart car fuse box, which is very suitable for installation in various cars and outdoor touring vehicles

Generally, there are many fuse devices on the fuse box of the automobile, and the smart fuse box plays a vital role in the normal operation of the automobile. Therefore, it is very necessary to know some relevant knowledge about fuses. Today, Damavo ® Let's learn together.

smart fuse box

In fact, fuse is just a popular term. Its main function is that when the current through it exceeds twice, it will automatic fuse.
So that the circuit can be better protected. Fuses are also divided into different specifications. Generally, there are two fuse boxes on cars. One is under the steering wheel, which can well grasp the internal circuit of the car. The other is in the engine compartment, which can ensure the normal operation of the external circuit of the car, such as BIHONG lights Etc.

smart fuse box

Smart fuse box plays a very important role in the car, which can ensure the normal operation of the whole car circuit. We will provide professional technical support to facilitate the use, development and selection of products.

smart fuse box

DAMAVO ® focuses on high-quality fuse sockets. Intelligent  smart fuse box are widely used, combining the characteristics of long service life, scientific brightness distribution, reasonable lighting level, convenient installation and stable performance.

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