How can you charge a smartphone in the car?Learn more about car chargers

Nowadays, more and more people cannot leave without smartphones, taking pictures, surfing the Internet, especially when we are driving, if we use the navigation function of the mobile phone, the the battery power of phone is dropping very quickly. Once the mobile phone is powered off, it will really drive people crazy.

Some friends mentioned the car charger.Yes.And how can you charge a smartphone in the car?

Most in-program USB ports are designed for data transfer. Although it shows that it is charging after being connected, the current is only about 0.5A. When listening to songs or using mobile navigation, the power consumed at the same time is actually greater than the charging power. If it is falling instead of rising, it is recommended not to use the USB interface to charge. Car heavy-duty ride is an accessory for car owners to use car power to charge digital products anytime, anywhere. Some high-end car chargers generally include two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. These products generally have functions such as overload protection and quadruple safety protection to ensure their safe use. The car charger can be used both in the car and at home, realizing the three-in-one multi-function of car charging, direct charging and USB charging.

For a good charger, when the current exceeds the allowable range of the overload protection circuit, the fuse will blow immediately to protect it.

Depending on the year it was made, the make and the options of your car, there are one or more ways of charging your smartphone. We list the most frequent options below.

Via the cigarette lighter:

  • If you buy a car charger with a USB port that you can plug into the cigarette lighter, charging is a breeze.
  • You do, however, need a current of at least 2 amperes to charge your smartphone easily. The cigarette lighter can do this without a problem, but it’s a point to watch when you buy a car charger. So check the packaging.
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Via a USB port:

  • A car may also have one or more built-in USB ports where you can plug in your smartphone charger.
  • A great many tests indicate that the current that comes from these ports is too limited to charge your smartphone quickly. Some ‘heavy’ apps use quite a bit of energy. If you use your phone as a sat nav too, for example, there is a good chance that this power-guzzling app will empty your smartphone and the power supplied via the USB port can’t cope with this.
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Via wireless charging:

  • The latest car models increasingly include wireless charging technology. Sometimes as a tray or a drawer, in the central console or under the armrest. So you no longer have to bother with cables. You just place your smartphone in the tray (provided it is suitable for wireless charging).
  • Every car manufacture may market their own variant, but they all meet the Qi standard. If your smartphone is compatible, then you can charge it without any problem.