How do I use the cigarette lighter in a car?

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cigarette lighter in a car
Up to now, there may still be many car owners who do not know how to use the cigarette lighter in a car. Next, Damavo ® Let's learn together:
1. Turn on the power of the car;
2. Insert the cigarette lighter into the power socket and press down to lock it;
3. The cigarette lighter in a car starts to heat up. When the temperature of the electric heating wire of the cigarette lighter reaches, it will pop up automatically, or wait for 5 to 8 seconds for the electric heating wire to turn red. You can pull it out manually without waiting for it to pop up;
4. After lighting, put the cigarette lighter back to the power socket. It should be noted that foreign matters should be avoided from entering the cigarette lighter hole at ordinary times. The bearing power of the cigarette lighter is 120W. Exceeding this value will easily cause overload of the cigarette lighter and lead to various dangers such as burning the cigarette lighter. When the vehicle turns off, unplug the external equipment on the cigarette lighter as soon as possible. Otherwise, when the vehicle starts, it is easy to burn the equipment under the impact of large current, especially MP3 and U-disk, which are prone to problems. Therefore, unplug it after parking and insert it after the vehicle starts.
cigarette lighter in a car
In addition, the cigarette lighter in a car cannot be exposed outside. For the external electrical equipment of the cigarette lighter, the required current of the connected equipment must be calculated. The power divided by 12 volts should not exceed the maximum allowable value of the cigarette lighter. In the flameout state, do not use the external equipment for a long time. For example, the charger charges the mobile phone, which directly demands the power of the battery. In the long run, the life of the battery will be shortened, The cigarette lighter must be cleaned regularly, and the residual tobacco or sediment should not enter the cigarette lighter, which may easily cause the internal short circuit of the cigarette lighter or even burn the fuse. It is necessary to use "1 to n" cautiously, which will help extend the service life of the cigarette lighter.
cigarette lighter in a car
If there is no cigarette lighter in your car or the cigarette lighter in a car is damaged, you can only buy new one , which is very simple and safe to install; The functions of the on-board cigarette lighter are diversified, which is very helpful to owners who often use automotive electronic products.

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