Car charger


What do you know about the ubiquitous automotive electronic equipment in your life?

I believe everyone is familiar with cars, because most families now own cars. But, have you discovered what is most needed during driving? Let me tell you these necessary electronic devices.

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When we drive to travel or go on a business trip, we spend a lot of time in the car and we need to prepare a lot of things. The indispensable thing is the car charger. Driving for a few hours will make our body tired, and the family will worry about our safety. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the communication equipment with electricity, so that family members can contact and report safety.

In addition to communication equipment to contact family members, we also often use it. In an era where almost all of our content relies on mobile devices, it is no surprise that they are used in cars more than ever. Therefore, during long-distance travel, even the largest cell phone battery will run out for several hours before we reach our destination.

car charger, dual car charger,usb c charger,usb a charger

At this time, the car charger is the most important. It can provide a variety of wired and wireless versions, and its additional functions allow us to complete all the work from quickly starting vehicles to charging mobile phones and laptops. Different models meet different needs.

The voltage of the car is 12V, the voltage of the truck is 24V, PD fast charge, QC fast charge, FCP fast charge. Different digital products have different protocols. Facing the fast charging needs of different users, we have a variety of models of car chargers, which are developed for users’ pain points. , Adapt to different users.

YM1236 Dual TYPE-A Car Charger

car charger, dual car charger,usb c charger,usb a charger

Nylon body design, two USB-A output port configuration, and with a dust cover. The output performance of the USB-A1 and USB-A2 interfaces is exactly the same. The input is 12-24V, and the output is 5V, 4.2A. It can quickly charge mobile phones and tablets at the same time. It is suitable for Android devices and many other USB gadgets. No need to worry about the interfaces interfering with each other.

YM1218 TYPE-C and TYPE-A USB charger

car charger, dual car charger,usb c charger,usb a charger

As long as you have the correct cable, you can easily charge a TYPE-C mobile phone from any old USB port, but having a suitable TYPE-C car charger has obvious advantages. And it also has a TYPE-A design, allowing us to enjoy the joy of driving in the car.

YM1219 Dual usb car charger

car charger, dual car charger,usb c charger,usb a charger

Whether we use our mobile phones for navigation or children watch their favorite shows endlessly on the iPad, traveling will make the device’s battery drain extremely fast.

If we don't want to wait a few hours for them to recover to 100%, then the output power of the car charger is very important.

Input: 12-24V DC output: 5V 4.8A, and there are volt and ampere display, a variety of color options, let us not worry about electricity when traveling.

The above is the necessary automotive electronic equipment I described for you-car charger