Static Electricity Damages Electronic Products

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How is static electricity generated? Static electricity is not static electricity; it is electricity that temporarily stays somewhere on a macroscopic scale. Static electricity is created by friction or by redistribution of charges due to mutual attraction of charges. Static electricity is formed when charges are accumulated on an object or surface. Generally, the positive charge is equal to the negative charge of the electron, and the positive and negative are balanced, so it does not show electrical properties for accessory socket, usb car battery charger, 18w power adapter.
When people take off sweaters, wool, nylon, and similar clothing in the dry winter, a crackling sound is often heard, accompanied by flashing sparks. When I wake up and brush my hair, my hair will often float up and become messier. When your fingers touch metal objects such as doorknobs, faucets, and chair backs, there will be an electric shock, a common phenomenon of static electricity.

How does static electricity damage electronic products?

1. The electrostatic adsorption of dust, reducing the insulation resistance of the components, will shorten the service life of the components, which is a chronic injury
2. Electrostatic discharge damage makes the component unable to work, which is a direct damage
3. The heat generated by the electrostatic discharge electric field or current will cause damage to the components, which is a potential damage
4. The electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge has a significant amplitude (up to several hundred V/m) and a vast spectrum (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), which causes interference or even damage to electronic products, which is electromagnetic interference. If all the components are damaged, they can be detected and eliminated in production and testing, so the impact is negligible. Still, if the components are slightly damaged, it is not easy to detect under regular testing. It is only found to be damaged when it is in use. It is difficult to inspect, and the loss is unpredictable. How much workforce and financial resources are needed to find out all the problems? And if the failure is only detected during use, the loss may be huge.

What are the characteristics of electrostatic damage to electronic products?

1. Concealment: The human body cannot directly perceive static electricity unless electrostatic discharge occurs. However, the human body may not feel an electric shock when electrostatic discharge occurs. This is because the electrostatic discharge voltage perceived by the human body is 2-3KV, so the static electricity is concealed.
2. Potential: The performance of some electronic components is not significantly reduced after electrostatic damage, but multiple cumulative discharges will cause internal damage to the device and cause hidden dangers. Potential damage to the device due to some static electricity
3. Randomness: Under what circumstances will electronic components be damaged by the static electricity? It can be said that after a component is generated until it is damaged, all processes are threatened by static electricity. The generation of this static electricity is also random, and its damage is also random.
4. Complexity: The failure analysis of electrostatic discharge damage is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive due to the acceptable, fine, and tiny structural characteristics of electronic products, requires high technology and often requires the use of high-precision instruments such as scanning electron microscopes. Even so, some electrostatic damage phenomena are difficult to distinguish from damage caused by other reasons, which makes people mistakenly regard electrostatic damage failure as other failures, thereby unconsciously covering up the real cause of the failure. Therefore, the analysis of electrostatic damage to electronic devices is complicated.

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