Damavo 9-36V USB C & USB A Dual Port Car Charger

We can see that there are two springs in the cigarette lighter, both of which are used to fix the cigarette butt, so when installing the car charger, you cannot insert it against the spring, otherwise it will easily cause the cigarette to light up. The charger and car charger are damaged. Therefore, the correct method of installation is to insert it along the track of the spring, and after the car charger is installed, in order to ensure that it is firmly fixed to the spring, you can move the charger back and forth.
Regardless of whether the engine is started or turned off, the on-board system can always be plugged into the cigarette lighter. However, the on-board charger must not be connected to the charging device during ignition, because the current at the moment the engine is started is very large. If an electronic device such as a mobile phone is connected at this time, it is easy to burn the mobile phone.
dual port car charger