3 port USB C car charger

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Mobile phones are ubiquitous in our daily life. For electronic products of the same size, if you use a car charging product designed with a USB Type-C interface, it will save more resources for you, and the charging speed is fast and easy to use. USB C offers a lot to like. The best USB-C chargers restore your device's battery quickly and efficiently. Consider reliability, power, and ports when looking for your next charger. USB-C connectors are becoming more and more popular. While switching from the standard USB ports we're used to (also known as USB-A and B) can be frustrating at first, it has a lot of advantages. It's reversible, so you no longer need to flip the connector over at least three times to find the correct orientation.

wholesale 3 port car charger, marine usb plug, usb c adapter car

YM-1309-30W-WWB 3 port car charger, marine usb plug, usb c adapter car 3-port USB-C charger provides up to 30W of usable power, which can charge devices, including mobile phones, cameras, navigators, etc., side by side with laptops. In addition to the power supply, YM-1309-30W-WWB 3 port car charger, marine usb plug, usb c adapter car can prevent overload, overvoltage, burnout, and short circuit. It's flame retardant, environmentally friendly, and compatible with many cars and devices.

DAMAVO 3 port car charger, marine usb plug, usb c adapter car

DAMAVO USB Type C Car Charger YM1309-30W-WWB 3 port car charger, marine usb plug, usb c adapter car

    Flush Mount Car Charger
    Input: 9-36V; Output: 30W QC3.0+30W PD3.0+30W QC3.0
    Insulation resistance: DC 500V 100MΩ Min; Dielectric strength: AC 1500V 1 minute; Operating temperature: -20℃~+60℃
    For charging and operating electronic devices that are universally suitable for most 12V/24V cars, cars, SUVs, motorcycles, buses, boats, RVs, etc

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