What is a usb c plug socket?

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What is the USB usb c plug socket?

usb c plug socket
 The Usb c plug socket is called USB-C for short. Its birth is not long ago. As early as December 2013, the USB 3.0 promotion team had released the rendering of the next generation USB Type-C connector, which was just finalized in the USB 3.1 standard released in August 2014. Usb c plug socket is a new USB cable and connector specification, which defines a whole set of new USB physical specifications including connectors, ports, containers and cables.
usb c plug socket
  The usb c plug socket is a new type of USB interface as light and compact as the Lightning interface in the iPhone. It can be expanded into three interfaces: power supply/USB transmission/VGA or HDMI. It can also be compatible with USB3 through the adapter. 0, USB2.0 and other previous generation interfaces.
usb c plug socket
   The usb c plug socket has a new interface size and a slightly cool name. It is very easy for consumers who hear this term for the first time to think that it is a new USB standard, but it is not. The usb c plug socket is only a part of the USB 3.1 standard, not a new standard. In addition, it should be noted that similar to the common USB 2.0, the USB 3.1 standard still exists
   Type-A (commonly used in computer hosts), Micro-B (commonly used in Android phones) and other interfaces, Type-C is not the only option for consumers to enjoy USB3.1 high-speed data transmission.
usb c plug socket
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