How LEDs are changing the world

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Friends in the 1980s have all experienced the promotion of energy-saving lamps. At that time, they only needed to say a few words of "energy-saving and long-lasting" advertising slogans to attract parents to buy them. I also surrounded the crooked " "Lightbulb" has been observed several times.
The energy consumption of LED lights is only a quarter of that of energy-saving lamps, and the average life span is as long as 100,000 hours. With the invention and application of more alternative materials, such as PMMA organic glass instead of traditional glass, the cost of LED lamps is getting lower and lower, and its smaller size, excellent energy consumption, long life and green environmental protection characteristics , So that it has a broader application.
In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as the picture scroll of the Bird's Nest Center slowly unfolded, huge LED screens appeared before the eyes of the world. LED in costumes, props, and musical instruments, together with moving dances, is an excellent interpretation of traditional Chinese culture.
This is the first large-scale application of LEDs on such a broad stage.