Cigarette Lighter assembly and Car USB charger

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12v cigarette lighter socket

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DAMAVO is an IATF16949 & ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China. With 20+ years of experience in Power Supply and LED lights, widely used in the Automotive, Marine, and Aviation fields.

Some prefer the USB port for convenience, while others prefer the 12V port for flexibility.

These days, cars are slowly losing their 12V ports, replaced by USB ports in the center console. This caused mixed reactions from car owners. Some prefer the USB port for convenience, while others prefer the 12V port for flexibility.

DAMAVO ® cigarette lighter YM1082

You can use the YM1082 cigarette lighter assembly, 12 volt phone charger for car, auto lighter Cigarette Holder to connect devices such as mini-fridges, tire pumps, mobile phones, and even charge your laptop.

cigarette lighter assembly, 12 volt phone charger for car, auto lighter DAMAVO

Alternatively, you must purchase an adapter to connect your phone or another USB device to the cigarette lighter.

Cigarette lighters can provide a lot of power, so how fast the cigarette will charge depends on the speed of the 12V-to-USB adapter you want to charge.

DAMAVO ® USB Charger YM1125

The YM1125 USB cigarette lighter assembly, 12 volt phone charger for car, auto lighter drive is designed for cars, so it looks better than a cigarette lighter.

Most consumers use these ports to charge their phones, and that's it. The integrated USB port is very convenient for them, as there is no need to buy an additional adapter. These ports usually have a high voltage to facilitate fast charging.

DAMAVO cigarette lighter assembly, 12 volt phone charger for car, auto lighter\

Cars deploying technology in a rapidly growing environment can quickly become obsolete. For example, Type-A ports were replaced by Type-C ports, and Type-A dishes soon became obsolete in cars. decades;

Some cars only have one USB port. This way, you can connect your phone or cam.

If there is only one USB port in the first row, it is also very inconvenient for passengers in the first row. However, at the time, many cars were equipped with car trays with multiple holes, which were convenient for car owners to load many devices, which is very convenient.

Both cigarette lighters and USB drives have their advantages and disadvantages. While others prefer one or the other, some drivers prefer both.

Wireless Charge

Wireless charging in cars is becoming more and more common these days. But the phone number compatible with these devices is limited, so I will only use it occasionally.

DAMAVO ® always adheres to the customer-centric approach. It has 5 standardized production lines. Each production line is equipped with anti-static devices, independent laboratories, and perfect production service management systems, providing strong cooperation for customer brand promotion and product planning. The customer network extends to the world, exported to Europe, North America, South America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries to provide solutions and products for brand customers. It is a well-known customer supply chain manufacturer at home and abroad.

DAMAVO cigarette lighter assembly, 12 volt phone charger for car, auto lighter

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