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RV LED lights: what you need to know?

RV interior led lights are one of the fastest, most affordable updates you can make to your recreational vehicle. In this post, I will share a quick and easy guide to choosing the perfect interior RV lights that will be sure to last for years to come. If you’ve ever wanted to update your lights this simple step by step approach is for you! First, let’s start with a little background.

What is an LED RV interior light?

LED stands for: light-emitting diode. LED lights have been around since the early 1960’s but until recently the bulbs were fragile and expensive. LED lights give a bright, rich light without consuming a lot of electricity. LED’s are also much safer than traditional bulbs as they emit little to no heat. (in other words, you aren’t going to burn your fingertips if you touch it)

Most recreational manufacturers did not install LED’s as RV interior lights until recent years. Because Interior LED lights were too expensive. The good news is, today any RV owner can update their personal lighting with a huge variety of affordable LED options.

Let’s take a look at our hot-selling LED RV lights.

YML021 LED Ceiling Light

It has the characteristics of Ultra-slim lighting, which is very suitable for caravans, recreational vehicles and boats. Features touch switch and waterproof. Easy to install, just connect the wiring harness and power on, then you can use. It is a popular specification in the market.

The circular structure is convenient for us to clean and make us feel as warm and comfortable as staying at home!

YML072 LED Ceiling Light

It has buttons for us to control the switch. It can not only be installed on the surface of the RV without damaging the installation structure, but also can be used directly through the connecting wire harness.

The structure is simple, beautiful, and the soft lighting provides us with comfortable lighting.

YML052 Awning Lights

This 12V-24V waterproof DC awning lamp with white shell is equipped with innovative LED technology, and the aluminum shell is easy to dissipate heat. Suitable for interior and exterior lighting of yachts, ships, RVs, caravans, outdoor camping lights, etc. Indoor lighting such as reading, corridor lighting, etc.

It is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. You don't need to worry about steam stopping it from working on rainy days. Cover the transparent PC lens to ensure that the ground is illuminated without irritating the eyes.

Use screws for surface mounting, making it easier to install on the surface space.

The above article is to introduce the LED lights of RVs. Thank you all for reading!