YMM-Let your RV shine as it should——LED light

Believe that every RV owner will decorate their RV very beautifully. Whether in terms of interior or exterior, it must be comprehensive, but no matter how beautiful the decoration is, it needs lighting to set off its beauty. Whether it is cold or warm light, it has its own characteristics. At this time, I believe all car owners must be thinking about what kind of lighting to buy to install on their RV. Don't worry, when you read this article. We have prepared various models of LED lights for you.
Now let me introduce the product to all RV owners.

YML021 LED Ceiling Light
waterproof LED light,RV ceiling light,ambulance ceiling light
It has the characteristics of ultra-thin lighting, very suitable for motorhomes, with touch switches and waterproof functions. The installation is simple, just connect the wiring harness and power on it to use. It is a popular specification on the market, and there are cool and warm colors for you to choose, and its voltage is between 12V and 24V. Comply with household safety voltage.
The circular structure facilitates our cleaning and makes us feel as warm and comfortable as at home.
The round shape also means reunion. When you travel in an RV, your family must be by your side.

YML048 LED Ceiling Light
interior lights,ceiling lights,12 lights
It has buttons for us to control the switch. Not only can it be installed on the surface of the RV without damaging the structure of the installation, but it can also be used directly by connecting the wire harness.

Simple structure, beautiful, soft lighting provides us with a comfortable lighting.

YML053 Awning Lights

cabinet led light,closet led light,wardrob led light
This 12V-24V waterproof DC awning lamp with white shell is equipped with innovative LED technology, and the aluminum shell is easy to dissipate heat. Suitable for interior and exterior lighting of yachts, ships, RVs, caravans, outdoor camping lights, etc. Indoor lighting such as reading, corridor lighting, etc.
It is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. You don't need to worry about steam stopping it from working on rainy days. Cover the transparent PC lens to ensure that the ground is illuminated without irritating the eyes.

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