Car charger suddenly exploded, with unimaginable consequences.

In this fast-developing era of intelligence, many friends are completely inseparable from the mobile phone as a communication tool, especially when driving, they will also need a mobile phone for navigation. However, the mobile phone will consume a lot of power when using navigation, so Many car owners will have a car charger in the car for emergencies.

car charger, usb charger, usb car charger, However, with the development of the auto parts electronics industry, all kinds of products are uneven. When some consumers who are not familiar with such products buy inferior car chargers, they often bring back great safety hazards.

In recent years, car charger explosions have occurred frequently. What is the cause?

It is reported that China Jiangsu Net reported,

A woman was injured when her phone exploded while driving while it was connected to a car charger. A mobile phone connected to a car charger exploded, injuring the woman. The day before yesterday morning, the woman drove from the High-tech Zone to Gusu District. Because she was not familiar with the road conditions, she turned on the navigation on her iPhone. Not long after, the car exploded and the airbag popped out. After the woman got out of the car, she found that she had been slashed under her lips and was bleeding. With the help of passersby, the woman was taken to a nearby hospital. Doctors found a lot of mobile phone fragments when examining the wound, and initially judged that the injury was caused by the explosion of the mobile phone. Fortunately, the woman was transported to the hospital in time and was not in serious condition after the operation. Afterwards, the woman recalled that her phone was being charged by a car charger. She guessed that the explosion of the phone had something to do with it. Therefore, everyone should compare more when choosing a car charger, and finding the right product is the most important thing.

The number of cars has greatly increased. The purpose of the appearance of car chargers is to bring greater convenience to consumers' lives, and then the appearance of explosions will alert everyone to choose products carefully!

There are many hidden dangers in the safety of car chargers, and the determining factor is caused by cutting corners

Stable and safe car chargers must take into account the following:
  • capacitors
  • resistors
  • chips
  • contacts, etc.
And the products that cut corners simply do not meet the industry standards and are shoddy.

How should you choose a car charger carefully?
  1. Try not to blindly pursue high current and charging speed. Too much current will often cause greater danger when encountering line faults
  2. Don't be greedy for cheap and be deceived by marketing gimmicks such as "low price". Adhere to never buy products without professional testing certification.
  3. When using the car charger, start the vehicle first and then plug in the car charger.
  4. Learn about the operation process in detail before the installation or charging process, consult the relevant personnel immediately if you are not sure, and do not guess and operate blindly.