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Huizhou Yeming Electronic Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise which combins the designing, researching, manufacturing, supplying high quality products to OEM and ODM service since 2002, and export with service.

Our company is mainly specialized in manufacturing all kinds of Chargers, LED lights, Switches, Cables and Assemblies, Molds and Injection. These are widely used in Automobile, Aviation, Marine, Power supply equipment etc.

You can see from design, molds, injection, assembly, test to packing all procedures are finished in YM. We offer a high level of service to our clients, high quality and competitive cost, small and large demands would be happy to discuss, our action will be the best answer for you.

Since the company established, we hold the business tent: Quality Frist, Faith First, Customer Frist. The products are sold in European, American, Asia, Africa markrts etc. All products and services are praised by customers.

We will carry forward the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance to make an outstanding team that develop with the enterprise together.

Company Name:
Huizhou Yeming Electronic Co.,Ltd
Huizhou, China
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