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The end of the year, is generally installed new residential new home season. With the development of technology and electronic products, smart home is attracting more and more attention from people. It also brings great convenience to our life. Although the application of high - tech black technology is not much, the small products such as household USB POWER OUTLETs have become the necessities of home electricians. Small Internet search, there are so many brands, like Belkin, PHILPS, etman have a very good sense of design products. So, what are the door channels for home USB POWER OUTLETs? Listen to the advice of the electrician.


The USB POWER OUTLET is a safe, electricity saving, universal socket with a USB interface, including the socket theme. The USB POWER OUTLET is a weak electric electronic product with a output power of about 5V.

At present, there are several kinds of USB POWER OUTLETs sold on the market.

1, through the USB POWER OUTLET: no button, no indicator light or USB POWER OUTLET with a light, low cost.

2, with a button USB POWER OUTLET: a USB POWER OUTLET with or without a light, with a higher safety performance.

3, automatic switch off USB POWER OUTLET: with or without indicator lights, built-in switch, that is, open the switch, pull off the switch.


In fact, USB POWER OUTLET, socket USB a few years ago the market was sold, occasionally there are quality problems of accident was exposed by the media, the main reason is that before the industry does not have a set of mandatory standards and mainly rely on the manufacturers self detection, so the quality uneven in quality. From January 1st this year, the state has standardized the mandatory 3C certification standards for the products of this type. So, now to buy this type of product, the first thing is to see whether the product has a mandatory 3C certification.

Of course, in addition to the 3C certification, the enterprise's own safety requirements for the products are not the same. For example, part of the USB POWER OUTLET eym electrician comes with a power switch, a power switch is arranged between the high-voltage power supply and a low voltage power supply, can further prevent leakage safety problems.

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