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Nowadays, many people are equipped with USB CAR CAHRGER in their cars, so it is convenient to charge mobile phones, PAD and other electronic products at any time. But melon seeds used car remind, inferior USB CAR CAHRGER is not convenient, but dangerous. Recently, the Fujian Institute of product quality inspection and Research Institute carried out the product quality safety risk monitoring to the vehicle charger. The results show that some vehicle charger has a great potential for short circuit, fire and explosion.




When the vehicle charger is used, the second hand car of the melon seed reminds you of the following matters:

1. do not insert the car before the start of the car, so that the voltage when the vehicle starts to damage the car charge.

2. when the owner is in use, do not use strong chemical products, cleaning agent, strong detergent to clean the charger. Because this will seriously damage the function of the USB CAR CAHRGER.

3. pay particular attention to in the process of using the USB CAR CAHRGER will not arbitrarily throw, landing, beat or shaking the charger, and when the summer vehicle and long-term stagnation temperature inside the car when more than 45 DEG C do not use the charger, which will seriously damage the circuit board inside the USB CAR CAHRGER.

4. vehicle charger is one of the electronic products. During the use of vehicle charger, we must pay attention not to accidentally enter the water or expose it to the humid air for a long time, which will cause different degrees of corrosion or oxidation to the internal electronic components.

5. the vehicle should be removed and placed after the vehicle is flameout. Although 80% of the vehicles are all vehicles pulling out the key after the smoke device stop power supply, but also a part of the car's smoke device is continuous power supply.

Of course, in the process of purchase, the car reminding you to pay attention to:

1. choose products with overload protection function. The requirements of the USB specification for current overload protection are not more than 5A. The overload protection of vehicle charger is because when the output current is too large and exceeds its normal output value, the life of the charger component will be shortened or the temperature will be too high to cause damage or even burn. So the vehicle charger used in the car must have the measures of overload protection.

2. select the output current more than 1A of the product. The input voltage of the USB CAR CAHRGER on the market is basically 12V - 24V, the output voltage is 5V, and the output current is about 1A~4A.

3. please buy regular goods. To buy regular manufacturers through certified products, do not buy and use three non products, otherwise the quality of the problem has no door.

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