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Market investigation of lighting lamps and lanterns: LED light has "occupied" market

The ceiling lights of Ms. Wang's home in Nanjing was damaged. When it was planned to replace it, it was discovered that the large supermarket on the doorway no longer sold the circular lamp tube of the energy-saving lamp, instead of all kinds of LED bulbs.

The reporter then went to the supermarket near the counter lighting Ms. Wang home, I saw the shelves of the most eye-catching position, put all the LED light bulb, shelves in the bottom position, the reporter found several spiral energy-saving lamp tube, also do not see energy-saving lamp ring lamp Wang needed. Then the reporter logged several lighting brands online store, find shops selling both ceiling lamps, downlights, or lamp, are LED lights, even the lamp is also full of LED

LED lights are more energy-efficient and safer

Reporters found that the LED lights is a brand in the packaging marked 4W is equivalent to 6W incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, 27W 6W of the LED lights is equivalent to 42W incandescent lamp, 9W energy-saving lamps, LED lights are really more energy-efficient? The deputy director of the national quality inspection center of semiconductor lighting products Shi Zhaoyang said in an interview, energy saving LED lights, mainly to see the initial light effect, initial light effect is greater, the more energy saving. From the test, the initial light effect of the LED lights is obviously higher than the incandescent lamp and the energy saving lights, and it is more energy saving. In addition to more energy saving, LED lights are more safe than incandescent and energy-saving lamps. This is because the single LED power consumption is very low, the demand for the electric circuit is not high, and the short circuit fault is caused by the line aging.

What are the notices for consumers when they choose to choose LED lighting products?

In addition to the purchase of brand products through regular channels, consumers can also pay attention to the index of color temperature in the purchase. If is the bedroom, can choose warm color, color temperature of around 3000K; although the living room lighting must be bright, but light is best gentle, the color temperature can be approximately 4000K; corridor and balcony, you can select about 5000K products. If the household, the color temperature should not exceed the 5000K, otherwise the light will be more dazzling, not suitable for household.

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