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LED light reduced more than 500000000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2017

According to foreign media reports, it seems that the popularity of LED has played a very positive role in environmental protection. According to a recent survey by IHS Markit, the LED lights used to quantify building buildings and outdoors reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 5.7 million tons in 2017. This is equivalent to about 1.5% of the global carbon footprint.

In order to be more image, IHS has made a special analogy, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to turning off 162 coal-fired power plants.

It is understood that when the same light is produced, the LED lights uses 40% less electricity than the fluorescent lights, and 80% less than the incandescent lights. As Jamie Fox, the chief analyst at IHS lighting and LED lights, said, the efficiency of LED is the essential reason for its environmental protection.

Compared with traditional bulbs, LED has many advantages, such as its longer service life, which means that the number of bulbs that people will need to produce is less, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution during manufacturing, transportation and marketing. More importantly, unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lights do not contain toxic chemical mercury elements.

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